TV Arm Conversion Kits

for Quadrajet Carburetors

Everyday Performance LLC has custom designed and produced a throttle arm conversion kit that enables older Quadrajet carburetors to be used with 200-4r and 700r4 overdrive automatic transmissions.

We know the difficulties involved in swapping overdrive automatic transmissions (200-4r and 700r4) into older muscle cars. In many cases, the Quadrajet carburetor you are using will not have the correct throttle arm to be able to pull the Throttle Valve (TV) cable properly. Our custom throttle arm conversion provides you with the correct lower TV arm and stud while preserving the original form, fit, and function of your OEM throttle arm!

You will also need a new cable bracket to hold both the throttle cable and the TV cable. This bracket must be in the proper location to allow the TV cable to self adjust. There are several options out there, but we recommend the style that attaches directly to the rear carb mounting bolts.

Finally, your lower TV throttle arm may swing low enough to contact your intake manifold, particularly if you are using the stock OEM manifold.

Sometimes a couple thick gaskets are all that’s needed to lift the carb for clearance. If more space is needed, we offer a spacer kit that lifts the carb to clear the intake for trouble free throttle arm movement.

Swapping an overdrive automatic transmission like a 200-4r or 700r4 transmission into an older muscle car doesn’t have to be a hassle. Convert your Quadrajet yourself with our DIY TV arm conversion kit, or send your carb to us and we will install the kit for you.

We sell the TV Arm conversion kit, spacer kit, and bracket separately for your convenience. Choose the parts that you need to make your overdrive swap a success!

Review our Instruction Sheet for installation procedures.

Our kits are designed for 1968-1976 Buick and 1968-1974 Oldsmobile Quadrajets.

Contact us for further compatibility information and any questions.

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